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Highest-Rated Kuala Lumpur Hotel Promotions Keep Getting Better


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Kuala Lumpur, the capital and largest city of Malaysia, is a city of contrasts. Home to some of the most modern and unique skyscrapers, including the ultra-tall Petronas Towers, the city teems with food stalls, sidewalk vendors and beautiful parks. Banyan trees flourish here because of the tropical climate. The equatorial weather calls for warm and mostly sunny days.

Many cultural destinations grace this beautiful and historic city. Small group tours and guides are available to show you the many attractions including the tour of the Batu Caves and Temples, Islamic Arts Museum and KL Bird Park. And you must not miss a real Malaysian adventure, a tour and tastings of the multitude of food stalls in the city center.

KL is loaded with highly rated and reasonably priced hotels in and near the city. Keep in mind that some of the highest-rated hotels require reservations well in advance. But sometimes last-minute opportunities can be economical.

The 5-Star Marriott Kuala Lumpur currently offers a double room for one full week in October for Malaysian Ringitts (MYR) 3465. At an exchange rate of MYR 3.58 = US 1.00, the weekly rate comes to US$ 968 or a single night rate of $138.00. That’s an exceptional rate for a top-level hotel anywhere.

Another Kuala Lumpur hotel promotion is available at the 5-Star Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur. For a double room with a view of the twin Petronas Towers during a week in May, the promotional price MYR 5575 or US$ 1557. This computes to a very reasonable US$ 222 per night.

For a more economic hotel option in the city center, the nearby Frasier Place Hotel is a highly rated hotel with most of the same amenities offering a double room for MYR 2378 per week (US$665) or a very reasonable US$ 94.90 per night.

Another Kuala Lumpur hotel promotion in the heart of the city is available at the Hotel Maya. This highly rated hotel is within minutes of the KL Convention Center and Pavilion Mall. The promotional rate for seven days is MYR 2362.50 (US$ 660) or an extraordinarily low $94 per night.

One more option with an excellent rating is the Traders Hotel Kuala Lumpur. For seven nights, you may reserve a double room for MYR 2727 (US$ 762) or a reasonable US$ 109 per night.

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Taking a Summer Holiday in Kuala Lumpur

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Now that the holiday season has passed and temperatures are warming, it is time to begin planning a summer vacation. Instead of visiting the same beach or cabin, consider a holiday Kuala Lumpur style.

As the capital city of Malaysia, the southeastern Asian town offers activities for every walk of life. The diverse will enjoy meeting locals of various cultures, and the foodie will delight in Tamil eateries that replace plates with banana leaves. Families should definitely attend the “world’s largest free-flight walk in aviary” that is the KL Bird Park, or wander through the natural Batu Caves. The artistically inclined can check out the city’s crafty pulse at the Central Market or one of several museums, including the famed Islamic Arts Museum and the exhibitions of MAP.


Serving as a symbol of Malaysia’s technological ambitions and modernism, the 88 story Petronas Twin Towers are a staple of any Kuala Lumpur getaway. The towers lay in a park complete with an automotive merry go round and plentiful jogging trails. Guests get a great view of the city from the twin tower’s observation deck and 170 meter high Sky Bridge. The Petronas Towers also serve as a backdrop for the bustling night life of downtown.

The city’s Bukit Ceylon strip offers night life venues for every taste. Guests can enjoy drinks, dancing, and even poetry and jazz. With so many clubs, pubs, bars, and lounges, every personality will be satisfied; visitors can choose to have a relaxing night with a pint or attend a swanky party at one of many five star establishments.

The capital city hosts over 300 hotels, thousands of restaurants, and sights to see around every corner. Schedule a summer holiday Kuala Lumpur to take advantage of the mild climate, delightful locals, and everything the metropolis has to offer.