OH! My Kampung Experience Lah

The OH! MY Kampung Experience is created especially for International tourists from all over the world, as we would like everyone to enjoy the Malaysia Truly Asia experience, by embracing the real kampung (village) environment; visiting, touching, tasting and be mesmerized by the natural beauty that Malaysian kampungs have to offer.

Kampung boat dock

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OH! is an abbreviation of Orchard Homestay, a community-based homestay managed by a local villager. In Malay language, homestay is known as “Inapan Desa”. MY is the short form for Malaysia. Kampung simply means village in Malay Language.

Your trip to Malaysia is not complete without at visit to a kampung. Malaysia is home to approximately 65% Malay population, which is the majority ethnicity of the country. Hence, Malaysia’s culture is dominantly influenced by the Malays. Therefore, it is very important to get to know more about them, the histories and background of Malays, the rich histories between Malaysia and its neighbours Indonesia and Singapore, their way of life, their homes as well as the diverse communities.

Photo courtesy of Phalinn Ooi

Photo courtesy of Phalinn Ooi

Orchard Homestay Hulu Langat is located merely about 30 km away from Kuala Lumpur; a very short drive from the KL City Center itself. It is the nearest kampung to Kuala Lumpur, hence you would be able to experience first hand what it feels like to enter a kampung, despite your short trip to Malaysia.

Photo by Akmal

You will be driven along the Ampang Hill, where you can view the entire Kuala Lumpur from the hill top, before arriving at one of the most beautiful kampungs in Selangor called Kampung Jawa – where you will have the opportunity to seize the natural beauty yourself.

Kampung Daun

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It would be one of the most amazing experiences you would have ever encountered. You will tour the Malay traditional house and experience tapping the rubber tree. You can touch and taste the local fruits and delicacies. You will have to try the traditional clothes and take awesome photos as memories. You can learn the traditional games and musical instruments, and even pretend to be one of the locals. You can learn the many types of local fruits and plants during your Herb Camp Interactive Learning session from the herb expert himself. Taste the magic fruit from the local rainforest- where all sour or bitter food become as sweet as honey and no, I am not kidding!

If you decide to overnight at the homestay, you can enjoy the natural hot springs, flowy recreational river, amazing waterfall, mountains to hike, beautiful green landscape to cycle through and friendly locals to interact with. Allow yourself to be free from the hustle and bustle of the city and just enjoy the serenity.

You will not return home empty handed or unsatisfied, THAT is a guarantee. The OH! MY Kampung Experience is all about keeping it R.E.A.L. “Recreational, Educational, Adventurous, and just Loads of fun~!”

Author Akmal Suyat grew up in the mentioned kampung, further studied in Melbourne Australia, and currently is working in Dubai UAE. She is a mix of Malay and Indonesia Javanese. She travels around the world for fun and experience. She enjoys all her trips in Europe, Middle East and Asia. Therefore, she wants tourists visiting Malaysia to have as much fun and experience just as much as she has had visiting others.

Learn more about Akmal: http://ohmykampung.blogspot.com/

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