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Top 25 Most Romantic Places in Malaysia

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  1. Malaysia:offering two unique avenues, the peninsula and Borneo.Borneo is an  exotic island shared with Indonesia and Brunei.  Together,  they  give  a  taste  of  what  Malaysia  has  to offer—urbanity and adventure, respectively.
  2. The peninsula is a wonderful blend of Malay, Chinese and Indian cultural, cuisine and century old traditio At night, it is a stunning place for a carefree stroll with your loved one.
  3. Malaysian Borneo The  Malaysian  Borneo  offers  an  abundance  of  lush  wild jungle life,  granite peaks and  even remote tribes.   Surrounded with  exquisite  islands,  luxury  resorts  and  colonial  towns,  you could  not  pick  a  better  location  for  a  romantic  vacation. 
Approximately 2 million tourists visit Malaysia yearly.  Not  only will  your  days  be  loaded  with  amazing  sites  but  some  of  the expectations.  From island getaways to 5 star luxury hotels.
  1. Cameron Highlands First developed by the British in the 1920s, Cameron Highlands boasts a population of 34,000 people.  Known for its extensive trails which lead visitors through lush forests, grand waterfalls   and   tranquil   restful   spots.    Cameron   Highlands sanctuary is best known for its tea plantations where tourists may
  1. Georgetown Take  a  step  back  in  time  in  this  beautiful  colonial  town named after Britain’s King George III.  Georgetown is located in the north east corner of Penang Island and retains its colonial-era shops that maintain this old world style due to strict ordnance controls.   Without  parallel,  Georgetown is  recognized  for  its anywhere in Southeast Asia.  Nightlife comes alive as locals head out for their festive evening of meals and drinks.
  1. Taman Negara Translated to “national park”, Taman Negara is one of the oldest tropical rain forests in  the entire world.   Lush, massive trees,  waterfalls,  jungle  treks  and  the  world’s  longest  canopy forest without guides.
 Although Taman Negara is a haven for endangered species such as Asian elephants, tigers, leopards and rhinos,   the   number   is   quite   low   and   sightings   extremely rare.  You are more likely to run into birds, deer, snakes, lizards and possibly a tapir!
  1. Pulau Tioman If a romantic paradise is on your list, Pulau Tioman is the perfect place to visit.  In the 1970s, this small island was dubbed one of the most beautiful islands in the entire world (by Time Magazine).  Tourist attraction has been on a steady growth ever since.  The island is surrounded by white coral reefs, making this the perfect haven for scuba divers.  While visitors outnumber villagers   (outside   the   monsoon   season   November   through
  1. Langkawi Islands Langkawi consists of two island areas, Southern Islands with heavy   tourism   and   the   two   more   secluded   islands   to   the Northeast.
  1. Pantai Cenang Pantai Cenang is a picturesque beach boasting endless stretches of fine white sand and numerous restaurants and bars for a fun evening of entertainment.
  1. Pantai Tengah Pantai Tengah is separated from Cenang by a small cape and faces the west for an astonishing sunset.  This island offers more hotels then bars and is therefore less active in the evening hours. Great for a  serenely romantic trip.
  1. Burau Bay Burau Bay is a favorite for migratory birds with its rugged rocky landscape. Another locale famous for its  beautiful scenic beach.
  1. Pantai Kok Pantai Kok  is  a  peaceful and  tranquil beach with a  beautiful backdrop of limestone hills.
  1. Datai Bay Datai offers a wonderful combination of forest and sea with its white beaches framed by magnificent, lush forests. And the luxurious hotels are notably romantic!
  1. Great Spots in Langkawi Langkawi is one of Malaysia’s most popular West Coast beach locations.  With  historical attractions, an  exciting  nightlife  and inexpensive shopping it  can’t  be  beat.  Langkawi’s beaches are among the very best in world and their inland roads are very easy to drive along and are usually quite deserted.  While staying in this area, there are some sites that should not be overlooked.
  1. Cable Car & Skybridge This cable car takes visitors all the way to the top of Mount Mat Cincang, Langkawi’s second highest peak.  The cable car is located  in   the   Oriental  Village  in   the  upper  Northwest  of Langkawi Island.  Upon entering the village, you will enjoy wonderful souvenir shops and enjoy its magnificent oriental garden.
 The cable reaches the first station approximately 600 meters.  Visitors disembark to take in the Langkawi’s beautiful cable car that goes on to the peak of the mountain. 
 Upon reaching the top, visitors will be greeted with snacks, drinks, toys and souvenirs.  Climb the staircases which cut through a forest area to reach the observatory.
  1. Al-Hana Mosque Beautiful peach and gold structure is situated west of Lagenda Langkawi Dalam Taman and is topped with a beautiful golden dome.  It is located within walking distance to many of  Kuah’s duty  free  stores  as  well.   Unlike  many  mosques  in  the  area, Al-Hana  is  of  Moorish style  architecture, erected in  1959.  We recommend Meritus Pelangi Beach Resort for this trip.
  1. Legenda Langkawi Dalam Taman This is the most beautifully landscaped park with a folklore with an array of colorful statues. With signs offering descriptions of the various statues and the myths associated with them, this is a fun place to spend some relax time.
  1. Sunset Cruise in Langkawi Take  this  mid-afternoon  trip,  sailing  on  the  Andaman Sea.     Just    kick    back    and    relax    a    board    one    of    the yachts.  Boarding takes place at Awana Porto Malai jetty, upon boarding you will be greeted by an open bar with chilled sodas, fruit juice, wine and beer.  Enjoy some snacks and enjoy the sea their warm water saltwater jacuzzi or just grab a chair and just take in the view.  The cruise takes you within touching distance of exquisite limestones, deserted islets and exotic marine life.
Your evening is topped off with a dinner that varies from cruise to cruise; from barbecue to chicken wings and fried noodles.   This tour, hands down, is the best way to see the archipelgo and enjoy a romantic evening. Here are  some hotels located nearby.
  1. Langkawi Honeymoon Dinner Cruise Langkawi has a quiet resolution that marks it has Malaysia’s unofficial honeymoon destination.  With its rugged landscape and soft beaches it’s a  wonderful getaway for newlyweds.
 Spoil yourself with  this  wonderful three-hour Langkawi Honeymoon Dinner Cruise, you will not be disappointed.  Step on board a luxury yacht that will carry you across the Andaman Seas.  Pass slowly sets.  Enjoy a dinner served with chilled champagne and presented    with    a    beautiful    bouquet    of    flowers.
  1. The Kilim Karst Geoforest Park This park consists of three river estuaries that stretch from the Kisap village to Tanjung Rhu.  Rich with wildlife, you might encounter sea otters, brown winged kingfishers, monitor lizards and swimming macaque monkeys.  One of the most spectacular offers towering limestone escarpments and small caves.  This is an absolute nature enthusiasts dream come true.
  1. The Datai  This  very  fine  5  star  accommodation  is  situated  in  the northwestern tip of Langkawi Island.  The Datai is nestled within an ancient tropical rainforest with a secluded white sand beach accommodations  and  luxury  unsurpassed  by  all.   Built  on  a foundation of wonderful imagination and love of nature makes this a one of a kind.
  1. Shangri-La’s Rasa Sayang Resort and Spa Recently revamped in 2006, this resort and spa is an statement of luxury  at  Batu  Feringgi,  one  of  the  most  inviting  beaches  in Malaysia.   Georgetown  is  less  than  an  hour  away  by complimentary shuttle and offers a wonderful blend of Chinese, Malay  and  Indian  culture. 
 Guests  will  enjoy  a  relaxing  and invigorating treatment at CHI, the Spa at Shangri-La.  The Rasa Wing   offers   an   exclusive,   private   retreat   including   private cocktails   and   other   wonderful   VIP   amenities.
  1. Pangkor Laut Resort | Lumut, Perak, Malaysia 5 Star This is a privately owned island located three miles off the West Coast  of  Malaysia  along  the  Straits  of  Malacca.   This premier resort is nestled  in  the  shade  of  giant  forest  growth.   With colors.   With  a  complete  air  of  serenity,  natural  beauty  and magical moments this is must seek out for your romantic getaway.
 SeaVillas  stand  elegantly  on  stilts  above  waves  while  the Garden and  Hill  Villas  have  you  within a  few  feet  of  nature’s abundance.
  1. Gaya Island Resort The only access to this resort is by boat, where nature has created Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park, off the coast of Kota Kinabalu in Borneo, Gaya Island Resort rests along the coast of Malohom Bay.  This natural sanctuary rests in the hillside of an ancient rainforest and allows a stunning view of Mount Kinabalu on the horizon.  The resort’s architecture, consisting of 120 villas and two-bedroom  suites, created  with   local   materials  that   blend harmoniously with the surrounding environment. This is a place for the explorer at heart with its stunning surroundings.  Discover a  sense  of  intimacy  with  the  natural  world  and  a  dazzling seascape.   Escape the average and enter the world that is distinctively Borneo.
  1. Kuala Lumpur is the capital city and as vibrant and exciting as any capital in the entire world. From fine dining to dancing the night away,Kuala Lumpur is ever so young and alive!

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