Malaysian Holidays: Chinese New Year

The Chinese New Year is very akin to the Western New Year, swaddled in customs and rites. The beginning of the Chinese New Year is prehistoric and concealed by the period of time that has elapsed. It is widely recognized as the Spring Festival and revelries last for fifteen days.

Preparations start a month from the date of the Chinese New Year when individuals begin purchasing gifts, decors, foodstuff and apparels. An enormous clean-up gets going days prior to the New Year, when Chinese houses are eviscerated from top to bottom, to remove any smidgens of bad luck, and doors and panes are furnished a newfangled paint coating which is frequently red.

The Chinese New Year’s eve is conceivably the most thrilling portion of the occasion, as keenness sneaks in. Here, ethnicities and customs are very prudently observed in the whole kit and caboodle from food to outfits.

Rituals comprise of cleaning the house, setting up firsthand placards of “door gods” on anterior doors, firecrackers afore the family dinner, which ought to be no less than 10 course banquet with a complete fish entrée signifying the lavishness of the approaching year.

It’s customary to garb something red as this color is intended to fend off evil spirits – but then black and white are out, as these are related with bereavement. Next to dinner, the family goes for card games, board games or watching TV programs and movies devoted to the event. At midnight, the sky is filled with magnificent fireworks display.

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