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For a premium hotel or property listing here on Klikholidays.com, please email klikholidays@gmail.com. We offer your hotel or rental property exposure online to american and ex-pat audiences who are interested in travelling, renting or owning property in Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and other places all across the globe.

Advertisements for Hotels and Properties

  • $50 per month for one link to your hotel or property. 6-month forward payment comes with a discount of 10% ($30 discounted immediately).


  • $75 per month for an advertisement 320px by 320px along with a description of your hotel, it’s amenities and pricing. Ad appears on this page. Inquire for discounts by emailing us at klikholidays@gmail.com


  • $180 per month for an advertisement 720px by 144px along with a description of your hotel, it’s amenities and pricing. Ad appears on this page.

If you have any questions or would like another option, feel free to contact us at klikholidays@gmail.com


Kuala Lumpur Hotels via Booking.com:

Use the below menus to navigate hotels in Kuala Lumpur. Our affiliate partner provides lots of choices, so shop around if you are looking for hotels and more:


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