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Please write about Kuala Lumpur holidays, KL travel hotspots, events for family vacations, where to take kids in Kuala Lumpur, how to find cheaper air fare, positively great tips on travel, time saving tips, events in Kuala Lumpur, advice for first-time travel to Kuala Lumpur and anything else that has relevance to Malaysia, including stunning photographic lists. The photos, of course, have to be yours. We value our writers and will pay $3 per article 450 words.

Our audience is primarily Malaysian and Singaporean, so you can focus on any local or national news as well as historical or biographical themes.

  • If we like your writing we will contact you for more and even offer you some jobs.
  • Only well-researched articles will be accepted. Articles with eye-catching magazine-style titles are always welcome.
  • If you are a blogger yourself, be sure to plug in your link.
  • Email us your article at and include your paypal
    Good luck!
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