5 Travel Tips for Safe and Happy Journeys

5 travel tips for safe and happy journeys

1. Be kind to everyone and generously help everyone you meet

Kindness is priceless, it is golden.

2. Pray before you travel to any country

You cannot remember every detail, nor can you control every circumstance. Trust in God to help you through everything that comes your way, and to help you keep your calm in difficulty, even danger.

3. Forgive everyone easily and if you made a mistake, do everything you can to make peace with the other person

Many things may go wrong, but your patience and calm will make everything settle eventually. Even in the midst of a storm, if you forgive easily, it will be that much easier on you and all those around you.

4. Be grateful to have some time off from work, obligations

Look for ways to make others feel appreciated and loved, no matter their occupation, nationality, color, gender, or anything at all. Treat them equally lovingly. Not everyone gets the opportunity to travel.

5. Avoid unsavory streets, stores and bars that will tempt you to overspend

Don’t go for places where you’ll endanger your wallet beyond your travel budget or get into things that would hurt you, your family, friends, travel partners and everyone around you.

Not only are these tips applicable to you individually but to the family as a whole whenever you go out into the country, or a place afar off. If you do these things, you will have a much happier experience and you will have left that country in far better shape having left an imprint of love.

Do you have some tips that travelers could apply on their journeying’s? Leave a comment below!

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    1. Thank you! We appreciate your comments. We hope others will also recognize the need for kindness, patience and humility in their travels.

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