13 Ways to Have A Positive Getaway Holiday in Kuala Lumpur

These tips were not assembled by looking at any other websites (so you won’t see any boring copy-cat advice) but rather they were written down off the top of our head; they’re things we’d write ourselves after a long trip. Hopefully they’re something you can take and consider, alter to your liking and see what suits you. It’s what works that counts, so take what will work for you:

13 – Bring the emergency things, abandon everything else. Bring with you everything that you would need in an emergency, and not much else. The things you use most that you would be in a bad place if you didn’t have with you, on you, in your bags or on you someplace. The rest is just “fluffy bunny slippers”; you may as well make a list and then remove 80% of these things, and go with the 1-4 comfort items that you won’t regret losing, getting wet, smashing, burning, or getting into any other unwholesome place. If these comfort items get stolen, you can replace them easily and without a sweat.

12 – Hum and be soft unto others. Remember a good tune to hum for when you’re waiting. Patience is a virtue. And a tune you can hum that chills you out would be the equivalent of taking a grenade with you when you climb the giant beanstalk, and just when you see that giant’s heavin’ and rampagin’ you pull that thing out and chuck it at ‘im ; kaboom. Patience and calm and peace beat self-defeat: frustration, anger, rage, etc. even before they begin.

11 – Create. Write something or play something or draw something or paint something. Creating in a remote destination can be uplifting, freeing, and can help you reflect upon yourself, your existence; it will greatly increase the value of a holiday, especially if they’re rare for you or if you work too much. This tip will add much to your experience if you are quite used to travel and it may or may not instill the same feeling of “escape” or “liberation” in your creative work. Then again, it might be the ticket!

10 – Go someplace that defines a positive getaway to you. Go to the place that defines Kuala Lumpur for you, and that makes your trip worthwhile. If you don’t know where that is, go exploring until you find. Then remember it; you may be returning there often to linger on the moment of peace or excitement or nostalgia, even. Depending on what you came there for, if you can accomplish what you set out to do – there’s no better reward for that moment in time.

9 – Meet a few friends for a drink.

8 – Make a spiritual contact. Make a new friend that you can actually relate to and connect with on something spiritual. Unlike business colleagues, family, or other friends – the ones that will have a kind of apprentice-teacher, teacher-apprentice effect on you and your path in life will be those that you opened up to regarding your life as it truly is, and what you aim to get of it. Maybe you aren’t spiritual, but you can still find someone that brings to you some quality to the day that you are missing. You will find romantic relationships can offer that, but we mean something entirely more than romance: seek yourself, and those who are like you not in appearance, but in that invisible way, those that carry your kind of ‘aura’. Hopefully, if you’ve found a calm and compassionate soul, you’ll have found the key to a very good, positively encouraging getaway.

7 – Accomplish something worthwhile. If you see a beggar, give them what you can give them. An act of generosity is rewarding to you and to the one receiving kindness, but what’s more wonderful than even this? The witnesses that you will leave in your wake will have a positive light in their day, something to think about in their business. If they choose to, they may also shine their light of kindness and goodness. What is cooler than that?

6 – Act in the moment. Discard the cares of yesterday, the world and everything in it. Enjoy yourself and stay present, the moment will take care of itself; you’ll know what to say and you’ll know what to do and you’ll know how things must be. If every joyous moment was meticulously planned, where would joy enter? If every peaceful occasion was struck with questioning and stressing, where would peace enter? So stop all that, renounce it all. Act in the moment.

5 – Get to someplace high up. If you can find a view point, go there. Having an eagle’s eye view of a city or a landmark can be really an astounding take-away. And don’t snap pictures; take in the moment.

4 – Keep yourself organized.

3 – Prepare Your Wallet. Prepare your wallet and your mind to be strict on spending. travel expenses tend to balloon because of overpriced drinks, overpriced meals in so-called fancy rest areas and restaurants. There is no one else in tourist-land that will guard your wallet from being completely emptied out before even half your trip is up, so you be its watchful guardian and keep it nice and full for when you really need it, like for another vacation or that one restaurant that is truly 5-star.

2 – Respectfully leave things as they were. Respect can come in a variety of packages; leaving the hotel looking tidy is one way. Helping tidy up a table after you have lunch – if appropriate. Thanking profusely of gratitude. Smiling. Nodding and gesturing and being sure to over-communicate rather than appear an aloof blockhead American or tourist.

1 – Give new friends and old friends a hug. This will reinforce a nice time, and show you’re grateful for any and all help. Handshakes are fine, too – 🙂

Having a positive getaway holiday is all about being prepared to make mistakes and to have a relaxed time with or without anyone, keeping a cool head, being strict with your pocket, and carrying through to the end with a smile – everyone will see you coming a mile away and they know you can handle it best. We hope you enjoyed this list and can take a beneficial 1 from the list of 13. If you disagree with anything we’ve written here, and wholeheartedly expanded upon, let us know – your opinion matters here.

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